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On Monday, 27 February 2017 17:12:40 UTC, Saltwater Outdoors  wrote:

> Hey when I use foxfire nad open a few tabs every so often I get a page
> redirected to what looks like foxfire page "update"
> and the pop up says you agree to install update for foxfire.
> But the address is
> The page it redirects me to has the same address but with more extensions
> behind it.
> I searched for this address on google and it says no such address.
> Not sure if it a legitimate update or not.
> Thanks
> Scott W

If it's Malware you should run by Malware-Bytes and see if they turn up anything. Try also turning off all of your Firefox plugins just incase one of them has alterior motives (and if you find which one, obviously report it).

Also, (mainly for anyone else) if you're "not sure" something's legitimate, it's not.
Good luck.
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