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Graham Swallow
Embedded spidermonkey

I had awful experiences with previous spidermonkey versions
particularly with loss of tiny-id-attributes, which I depended on
The worst part then, was not knowing.

I would have done a session of updating my code to the new design,
but only the internal team, and IRC historic had even a clue.

Does the embedding project, however unused you think it is, or should be,
have a reasonable demo project,
(or is it unused because it is not entirely usable?)

A demo that does things the way you think they ought to be done?
A reasonable amount of features, with acceptable brief error checking.
Does it compile?

Yes this is all community supported,
but the website cant even guide me to which version is good,
and which is alpha, but inline with the-new-design.
spidermonkey 45 ... 2016-04-14 ... really? 18 months ago ?

JS52 - is that pre-alpha - where is it?
Is the only way by downloading all of mozilla?

> But the changes from JS45->JS52 are smaller than the last upgrade from
> JS38->JS45 which had some drastic and mystifying API changes that took a

> lot more support on the IRC to resolve.
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