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> She's resending this msg because She haven't gotten any answer to Her  question on
> how a new profile living under r:\ shall look  regarding subdirs and
> compatible with future upgrades of SMPmW118 to the  latest version of SM.
> As the new moz and sm profiles should go to the r: partition, perhaps it would be
> best creating a standard dir tree with the at the top directory. So what>row away the idea of you creating directories.
Home directory profile, create profiles, structure created

>tack: Have you any knowledge using the WinXP backup program? The only
things She > want to backup are the setting, bookmarks and password for the current
browsers She > have in XP, i.e. Internet explorer, Mozilla, Opera and Google Chrome,
so when Win7 i > installed and the abovementioned browsers can have their current
settings and the > like restored to them from the backup?

 Have backup programs to test soon under Doze. May take a week or 2. Microsoft backup
have no experience with. I do not like to use apps written by Microsoft included in
system generally.


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