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Jean-Marc Desperrier-4
Ehsan Akhgari wrote:

> [...] - about Ace, this is the current
> status: "we've got this code over here which works for the simplest
> possible case, and we'd like to use it, but we can't, since it doesn't
> address many of our needs at all".
> [...] - Orion, this is the current
> status: "we've got this code over here, which seems to work, but we
> still need to investigate whether it addresses all of our needs, before
> we decide whether we can use it".
> [...] -  the question that I'm proposing
> is: "is it worth for us to invest time in improving a third-party
> library, compared to improving our in-tree editor to do what we want",
> [...] in order to answer this, we need to know what we want.  At least,
> _I_ need to know what we want.  :-)

Hi, Ehsan (and first thanks for having taken over the abandoned built-in

I think this all is very good point, that the best would be starting
from that to have an in-depth discussion about the built-in editor, what
it's problem are, and why those problems make alternative solutions
tempting (the fact is, it's *hard* to develop anything in the built-in
editor and that it's a strong deterrent to both bug fixing and extending
it to add new features).

But I've been already accused of going off-topic above.

So why not go to the dedicated group to discuss
that, where any question and remark about the editor will be in-topic ?
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