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Peter Gutmann
Gervase Markham via dev-security-policy <[hidden email]> writes:

>Peter: you are going to have to re-summarise your question. And then, if you
>are asking why Mozilla code works in a certain way, or
> are almost certainly far better venues.

Sure, no problem.  I was just replying to a post by Kathleen on this list, and
it seemed like a policy issue so I figured it was the right forum.  I'll CC it
to as well...

The original post was about the fact the Mozilla runs into lots of problems
with top-down path construction:

>Indeed, and as per your comment here:

I asked:

So just to satisfy my curiosity, it's been known ever since top-down
construction was first advocated by PKI loon^H^H^Htheoreticians:

that you work bottom-up, not top-down.  If that's not obvious just from about
a beer's worth of analysis then it should have been when one of said PKI
theoreticians described trying to implement it at a conference and pointed out
that his implementation ran for three days without terminating, after which he
tried the same thing again.

Did no-one see that this was going to happen?  Why would anyone try and do it
this way?  Rather baffled minds want to know...

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