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** Reply to note from [hidden email] Wed, 22 Feb 2017 12:00:07 +0000

> 1. Creating a new profile for SMPmW118 (Christer Jacobsson)
> The profile She uses now is faulty, first it can't be changed and  secondly, processing
> email, for example deleting file attaches from  outgoing emails (She shares music files
> with a friend) is nearly  impossible and IF the process succeds it's logey as hell. So She
> want to  create a new fresh profile for SM, but to do that She has to have the  current
> profile visible. So how does She accomplish this? As She  understands She have to open a
> second instance of SM with some parameter  so it will enter the Profile Manager mode, but
> what is this parameter,  and how do I do so that two instances of SMPmW118 are open
> simultaneously?
 Start your .exe file with parameter: -ProfileManager
> And lastly two questions. Does some program exist that can check mail  files in SMPmW118
> for damages and if possible repair them and also  delete duplicate messages? For FF, does
> some "vacuum cleaner" program  exist that can go through the files urlclassifier.sqlite
> and  places.sqlite (She thinks that the last file contains both bookmarks and  history data
> and remove duplicate entries and (hopefully) compact the  files. For FF She have installed
> a extension that allows history data to  be kept for more than the seven-day standard - She
> have set the limit to  99999 days - handy if She forgets the name for a certain site She
> accessed a long time ago and want to revisit again.
 urlclassifier.sqlite can be deleted, will be re-created again at next startup. It grows
huge. You can stop this behavior by unchecking in Preference/Security:

block reported attack sites
block reported web forgeries

 This has the effect of not sending Google every url you enter. As for vacuuming there is a
utility on Hobbes:

 Looked a bit complex, inform if you have it functional.


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