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Re: Running reftests less frequently

El miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2016, 9:58:30 (UTC-7), Gregory Szorc escribió:

> Layout gurus,
> Did you know that reftests can consume 6+ days of machine time in
> automation for every checkin? (This isn't your fault: just a side-effect of
> scheduling everything nearly all the time in automation.)
> I just filed bug 1272042 to explore options for reducing reftest scheduling
> in automation. I'm not sure if there are prior discussions on this topic. I
> do know we have a significant capacity problem in automation right now and
> reftests seem like a highly-specialized test suite that doesn't need to run
> all the time.
> I would very much appreciate the input from layout/reftest domain experts
> to determine what can be done, if anything, to schedule reftests less
> frequently and put less burden on our automation. Please reply in the bug.
> Thank you,
> gps

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