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Simon Paquet-2
Mike Connor wrote on 25. Feb 2010:

>>> I think it also illustrates that route that was walked for some
>>> labs groups (Google Groups only) cuts out a large amount of people
>>> or at least makes it harder for them to participate in the ongoing
>>> discussions.
>> Well, at least a group of very communicative people, as NNTP posters  
>> seem to post more than others.
> Indeed, I would much rather weight by number of users, not volume of  
> posts.  I might even go so far as to assert that if NNTP leads to  
> easier/more frequent posting, that might be a _negative_ outcome, not  
> a positive one.

That is obviously an issue regarding the quality of posts, which is
very hard to judge *objectively* and not easy to measure at all.

My impression from over a decade of participation in USENET is that
the more skilled people tend to use the best available tools and that
we should value their contribution.

And for distributed large-scale discussions news- and mailreaders
(still) far outshine any webapp out there, be it Google or something


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