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Stanimir Stamenkov-3
Sun, 20 Mar 2016 11:50:48 -0500, /John/:

> I had been using the "Remember Passwords 1.1" add-on from Stanimir
> Stamenkov because of its ability to store passwords from many sites
> that don't work with the built-in Password Manager.
> The most recent releases of SeaMonkey and Firefox are incompatible
> with this add-on, and it is no longer available.
> I would like to see the capability of the built-in Password Manager
> improved to make it more universally functional. I have tried
> LastPass, but I don't care for it and it is not fully supported for
> SeaMonkey.

John, as I've previously written in the extension description:

> This extension should not be necessary with [Firefox 30] (and
> SeaMonkey 2.29) and later, anymore:
>   * Ignore autocomplete="off" when offering to save passwords via
> the password manager (see [956906])

[Firefox 30]

My extension didn't really accomplished anything beyond what is now
implemented in Firefox/SeaMonkey.  There are sites which the
extension (and current built-in functionality) couldn't possibly
handle – you may be encountering some of these.

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