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Stefan Sitter-2
On 06.01.2016 17:19, kfr- wrote:
> Our Thunderbird users with lots of calendar events are reporting
> slowness. Slowness seems to go away when we disable addons(lighting)
> icaljs is turned on.

icaljs library is still in experimental stage and has known bugs and
performance problems. Reverting to default libical library could improve

> Is there a setting/pref that tells TB+Lightining only load future
> events instead of all events?

It depends on your calendar provider in use. For example when using ics
provider the whole file has to be loaded and parsed before display.
Enabling the offline cache might help here. Other providers like CalDAV
provider might only request data for specific date range. There is no
special setting except setting all filters from open ended date range to
closed date range. For example set event search bar (unifinder) or task
list filter from all events/tasks to next 7 days.

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