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Chris Ilias-2
_gwtc_ spoke thusly on 30/04/2006 4:35 PM:
> a bit of sarcastic remmarks:  I'm surprised that Chris hasn't been here
> and told everyone that all this is off topic and where they can take
> it.

I was playing a wedding in Windsor on the weekend; but here you go...

If you can't take this discussion to a forum where it is on topic, then
please move it to mozilla.general. Thanks. :-)

>  Oh, heavens forbid that he should tell a fellow Moz Champion what
> to do.

Sure I have. Here are a few instances:

You even replied to that last one, so I /know/ you read that one.

> This was already pointed out but he never did respond to it, because he
> knows its true, oh its very true:
> news://[hidden email]
> or

I addressed that here:
"Some people like to take discussions off topic, while others just take
part in whatever is being discussed."
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