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Matt Nordhoff
On 02/13/06 00:43, Mark Micallef wrote:

> Hi, are there any plans at present to add Maltese language support to
> Firefox? There *are* fonts available (such as the ones at
>, and I noticed that
> Firefox already supports a number of other minor, constructed and
> extinct languages, such as Latin (extinct), Luxembourgish (minor:
> 300,000 speakers) Frisian (minor: 360,000~750,000 speakers), Esperanto
> (constructed), Klingon (shoot to kill, men!), etc...
> If support is not planned, is there a way to add it to Firefox by
> editing the configuration files?
> Maltese is spoken as a first language by 400,000 Maltese in Malta as
> well as a significant number of Maltese expatriates around the world
> (especially in the USA, Canada and Australia). Maltese is the national
> language of Malta and an official language of the European Union. Total
> speakers are estimated at more that 600,000.
> More information about Maltese is available at Wikipedia at this address:
> You might also like to check out Maltese language Wikipedia:

There might be an official localization if someone (or does it have to
be a group of people?) volunteers to translate it.

If you want to do it, these links should have useful information:

(Contrary to what the last page says, the newsgroup for L10n
["localization" is an L, 10 letters, and an N, so it's abbreviated
"L10n"] is now on this server []
instead of netscape.public.mozilla.l10n. Um... I'll cross-post this
there, so go there if you want to discuss it more, though I probably
won't be there, since I know nothing about localization.)
Matt Nordhoff, aka Peng
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