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Henri Sivonen
Reiterating some points I made in .general.

In article
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 "L. David Baron" <[hidden email]> wrote:

>  * the font size preference is a length, in pixels
>  * the primary size change UI in apps changes that preference (e.g.,
>    Ctrl++, Ctrl+-, View -> Text Size in Firefox)

That seems weird. A pref is relatively permanent.

>  * we enforce that preference by making scaling all pages so that the
>    25th (roughly) percentile sized text on a page is sized to be at
>    least as large as the preference (bug 31961).  This should be
>    implemented at a pretty low level (e.g., text frames, perhaps after
>    checking visibility).

I still think it would make sense to use the implementation approach
currently offered in bug 31961 until your larger proposal is actually
implemented. (BTW, is there anyone else but Beltzner who is authorized
to make UI decisions wrt. the View menu? I haven't been able to contact

Also, I think shipping with an autozooming feature turned on so that it
automatically zooms each page without an explicit request from the user
would be a big mistake, because Web authors would retaliate and try to
come up with ways to fool the algorithm.

Whatever happens in a vanilla installation of Firefox should involve no
zooming without the user invoking a command or checking a pref checkbox
somewhere (in order to keep Web authors from retaliating).

>  * we do the scaling using text zoom when the scaling factor is a ratio
>    of between (roughly) 3/4 and 4/3.  Otherwise we use full zoom (bug
>    4821).

My experience with Opera suggests that full zoom is trouble (sideways
scrolling) unless it comes with a feature to force fitting table layout
to view port width.

>  * Does the scaling handle iframes/objects as a single unit or
>    separately?

My intuition says they should be zoomed as a unit.

>  * Is there a need for an opt-out, where the preference would only imply
>    the defaults that can be overridden by the author and the scaling
>    would not be done?

No, but instead the feature should be opt-in for the user so that
authors feel no need to opt out.

Henri Sivonen
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