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On 2012-12-29 21:24, Gervase Markham wrote:

> On 26/12/12 19:56, Aleksej wrote:
>> Hi.
>> <>  says most of the
>> content of the website is under the CC BY-SA v3.0 license.  It lists
>> exceptions, among which is:
>> “The trademarks and logos of the Mozilla Foundation and any third party
>> and the look and feel of this web site (to the extent the look and feel
>> elements are works of authorship, such as the graphic design, artwork,
>> and artistic illustrations) are not included in the work that is
>> licensed under the Creative Commons terms.”
>> 1. Does that exception include both copyright and trademark rights?
> Creative Commons is a copyright license, so that exception applies
> specifically to copyright rights. However, as the default for trademarks
> is "can't use", without an explicit trademark license, using our
> trademarks is also not allowed.
> Basically, don't pretend to be us, or our website :-)
>> 2. Does that exception apply to the big Aurora and Nightly logos at
>> <>  as
>> well?
> I believe it may do, yes. The logo available for everyone to use is the
> globe-without-the-fox.


Also, all the pictures of those “monsters” etc are apparently included
in the exception, which makes the exception pretty large (e.g. for
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