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Ben Bucksch
  On 14.01.2010 21:16, Jeff Balogh wrote:
> The repo in question is, the new
> version of
> I'd like to license our web code under a simple, permissive license
> like the BSD...
> I don't think our circumstances call for the MPL or the tri-license,
> but I'd like to make sure other parts of Mozilla are comfortable with
> this.

Sorry for jumping way too late into the thread, and the question is
probably already all over, but:

There's very little point in using MPL for website code. Most
open-source licenses allow the user of the code to do with it whatever
he wants, on his own systems. The "share alike" requirements only come
into effect when you start to distribute it. GPL is very explicit about
that, and the MPL is also like that.

However, that's toothless for website code, because the "user" is the
company, the code only runs on their servers. The end-users, the
website-visitors, are not users in the sense of the license. That's an
older debate, and that annoyed many GPL people, and that's why there's
the "Affero GPL" license (or "GNU AGPL v3" from the FSF).

So, either do Affero GPL or BSD. MPL is pointless for licensing websites.
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