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Michael Curran
Hi Charles,

Sorry, I just havn't ahd any time to test it.

RC1 looked fine to me, so as long as nothing in the NVDA dir has been mucked
up, I think NVDA will be fine.

Most of the changes from the first cd test were visual, or to do with the
textual content.

So, as long as NVDA starts, I'm happy with it.
(Which it did in the test I saw).


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> Ken, Mick,
> I am going to start burning the discs tomorrow and I haven't heard from
> either of you yet. So I guess this means RC3 is the one going to CSUN?
> Thanks.
> -Charles
>> I'm fine with this as is.
>> Ken wanted to try to get some CSS done for it tonight, but I really think
>> it reads just fine as it is. Ken, I'll leave that decision between you
>> and Charles.
>> The NVDA part hasn't been review by Mick yet, but if you wanted to make a
>> new release candidate tonight I think it's approprriate.
>> - Aaron
>> Aaron Leventhal
>> IBM web accessibility architect
>> Voice: 781-583-4083
>> Tie line: 364-5945
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>   The Mozilla Live Access CD -- 2007 CSUN Edition
>> Firefox Logo
>>   Welcome to the Mozilla Live Access CD
>> The Mozilla Live Access CD is a community-based effort which not only
>> explains what Firefox accessibility is all about, it also contains free
>> tools that can be used from virtually any computer. We suggest that you
>> carry this CD with you when you travel, and may need to access the web
>> from a PC with no assistive technology installed. You need not bring your
>> own screen reader, because this CD has several free choices made
>> available as a gift by the community.
>> First, there's the talking browser extension for Mozilla Firefox called
>> Fire Vox. In addition, there is a free screen reader for Windows called
>> NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA), which also allows access to many
>> applications for Microsoft Windows. Finally, you can simply use your own
>> screen reader or other accessibility tools if you run or install standard
>> Firefox or with the high visibility themes.
>> No installation is required from this CD to run Mozilla Firefox or the
>> accessibility tools that are contained in it, however you may choose to
>> install them on your hard drive. Windows, Mac, and Linux are all
>> compatible with Firefox, and full documentation is included on the CD. We
>> invite you to experience this CD through the start menu, via this readme
>> file or by exploring the directory structure on your own.
>> The contents of this CD are provided as a gift and were built by
>> volunteers in the community, which welcomes any contributions or
>> suggestions for future enhancements. The CD does not contain demo or
>> trial versions -- only totally complete versions of products. Make as
>> many copies as you wish. The contents of this CD are just a few examples
>> of what the community can do by collaborating. Thank you for using the
>> Mozilla Live Access CD.
>>     Information and articles about Firefox accessibility and the
>>     Mozilla Foundation's mission
>>     * Mozilla Firefox Accessibility
>> <documentation/brochures/accessibility-brochure-2007-reformatted.html>
>>       -- general Information about Firefox accessibility, links to
>>       additional resources and a discussion of Firefox extensions
>>       which benefit accessibility.
>>     * Firefox: An open source accessibility success story
>>       <documentation/brochures/haac-mozilla-article.html> -- article
>>       about the community that created this CD and is continuing to
>>       push Firefox accessibility.
>>     * The Mozilla Manifesto <documentation/brochures/manifesto.html>
>>       -- explanation of the Mozilla Foundation's core values and
>>       mission, which contribute to such strong support for
>>       accessibility. We particularly appreciate Point Two: "The
>>       Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and
>>       accessible."
>>     How to use this CD
>> The programs contained on this CD can be used without any installation by
>> simply running "CLC_Start_Menu" if you are on Windows. In most cases this
>> start menu will come up automatically when the CD is inserted into the
>> drive on a Windows computer. If you are not on Windows, or if you wish to
>> install these programs to your hard drive, please see the installation
>> instructions below.
>>       Standard Firefox Installation Instructions
>> This is for a plain, standard Firefox install without any
>> additional assistive technology. The standard Firefox install is
>> compatible with JAWS 7+, Window-Eyes 5.5+, ZoomText 9.1+ and other
>> assistive technologies listed on the Mozilla Assistive Technology
>> Compatibility Page
>> <>. You can
>> also get the latest version of Firefox from
>> <>.
>>     * Firefox installation for Windows
>>       <Firefox_Install_Docs/install_windows.htm>
>>     * Firefox installation for Mac OSX
>>       <Firefox_Install_Docs/install_mac.htm>
>>     * Firefox installation for Linux
>>       <Firefox_Install_Docs/install_linux.htm>
>>       Firefox with Fire Vox Installation Instructions
>> This will automatically install Firefox with the free
>> self-voicing extension Fire Vox -- a combination that works together as a
>> self voicing web browser, with advanced features such as support for
>> MathML mathematics, live changes on web pages, and audio styles on web
>> pages (aural CSS).
>>     * Firefox with Fire Vox for Windows
>>       <fire_vox_install_docs/fire_vox_windows.html>
>>     * Firefox with Fire Vox for Mac OSX
>>       <fire_vox_install_docs/fire_vox_mac.html>
>>     * Firefox with Fire Vox for Linux
>>       <fire_vox_install_docs/fire_vox_linux.html>
>>       Firefox with CLiCk, Speak Installation Instructions
>> This will automatically install Firefox with the CLiCK, Speak
>> extension which provides helpful text-to-speech features via a graphical
>> user interface. It is largely intended for users with low vision or
>> learning disabilities. The interface is completely mouse driven; there's
>> no need to remember any key combinations. Reading through a page is as
>> simple as placing the cursor and hitting the GO button; reading a
>> selection is as easy as highlighting the text and hitting the SPEAK
>> button.
>>     * CLiCk, Speak for Windows
>>       <click_speak_install_docs/click_speak_windows.html>
>>     * CLiCk, Speak for Mac OSX
>>       <click_speak_install_docs/click_speak_mac.html>
>>     * CLiCk, Speak for Linux
>>       <click_speak_install_docs/click_speak_linux.html>
>>       Firefox with High Visibility Themes Installation Instructions
>>     * HiVis Big Theme (all systems)
>>       <HiVis_Gnome_Themes_Installation/install_hvbig.htm>
>>     * HiVis Jumbo Theme (all systems)
>>       <HiVis_Gnome_Themes_Installation/install_hvjumbo.htm>
>>       NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)
>> NVDA is a free, open source screen reader for Microsoft Windows. NVDA
>> works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and more. Please
>> check the NVDA website <> for the very
>> latest version. The NVDA readme file
>> <programs/nvda/documentation/readme.html> contains more information about
>> this high quality, community-driven screen reader.
>> To install, simply copy the programs\nvda directory from this CD to your
>> hard drive and run from there.
>>     User Guides
>>     * Fire Vox Tutorial <fire_vox_tutorial/tutorial.html>
>>     * CLiCk, Speak Manual <click_speak_manual/clc-clickspeak_doc.html>
>>     * NVDA manual <programs/nvda/documentation/user_guide.html>
>>     Questions and Comments
>>     * For general help using Firefox, please visit the Firefox
>>       Community Support Forums
>> <>.
>>     * For questions or comments about Firefox accessibility or the
>>       Mozilla Live Access CD please post to the
>>       Mozilla.Support.Accessibility Group
>> <>.

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