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Axel Hecht
Stephen Holt wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm from the UK but living in Kigali, Rwanda and I'm
> coordinating the project to localise Mozilla (and
> linux) into the Kinyarwanda language. I'm taking over
> from Steve Murphy ([hidden email]), who has been
> running the project up till now from Wyoming.
> We are now at the stage where all the strings are
> translated, so need to get the Kinyarwanda (rw) locale
> into the main code tree. Hence I will need CVS write
> access. Steve Murphy filed two bugs last year
> attempting to do this,
> and
> To get the necessary access, should I somehow update
> these bugs, or file a completely new one?
> Any advice gratefully appreciated,
> Steve.

Please morph the registration bug and create a new cvs account bug, and
attach your current localization work in the registration bug and
request approval-l10n on it.


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