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Re: How to copy email headers from Thunderbird

Clay wrote:

> wowsher wrote:
>> Cuzman wrote:
>>> I've been receiving personally threatening emails recently, and I
>>> have been asked to copy the headers to include in reporting this.  
>>> Can someone advise me how I copy the entire details of this from
>>> Thunderbird?  I can view it all, but just can't copy the entire thing.
>> Another way is to use MESSAGE, FORWARD, AS ATTACHMENT.  This will
>> preserve the whole email (including headers) both in your sent folder
>> and for the receiver.
> iirc, you still have to have the view all headers selected (but not
> necessarily viewed) when you do this or only the abbreviated headers
> get forwarded.

I know this is true for forward inline but I don't view all headers and
I've never lost a header forwarded as attachment.

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