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Re: HTTPS segv with embeded mozilla

Nelson Bolyard
Barry Scott wrote:

> I have embedded mozilla 1.7.12 in my kiosk app. I prevent mozilla from
> popping up dialogs by supplying my own prompt code.
> But I get segv whenever a HTTPS URL is accessed. It dies in +
> 0x0x3723a on FC4.
> Where do I start looking to get to the bottom of this problem?
> Why does the mozilla build make all the .so with debug symbols except
> the few that are involved with https?
> How can I get and friends to build with debug?

All good questions to ask in the n.p.m.crypto newsgroup.
That's where the NSS and PSM developers hang out.

Walt already suggested a way to get debug symbols in the NSS shared libs.
Once you've got that licked, and have a useful stack trace, c'mon over
to n.p.m.crypto and I think you'll get help there.

/Nelson B  (moz crypto developer)
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