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Re: Getting Rhino debugger working in servlets

Jun Yang-4
Hi Jon and Oliver,

I am going through your documentation of how you made the Rhino
debugger work in a servlet, respectively.  I am new to Rhino.  From
what I can see in the source code, its debugger is tied to Swing.  When
you say you made it work in a servlet, what does it mean exactly?  Can
you drive the debugger from the servlet?  Do you just ignore the Swing
part of it?  Why do you (Oliver) still do



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Re: Getting Rhino debugger working in servlets

Hi Jun,

What you maybe misunderstood is the fact, that using the Rhino Debugger
is only possible directly on the machine that runs the J2EE-Server. It
does not work via network connection (so that someone on a remote
machine could debug) but only "from within" the application. Also there
is no "web version" of the swing debugger, that works from within the
browser or the like. Sorry if our documentations seemed to show
something different.

Yes, the debugger is a swing application and we use this swing
application. That's why I set it visible. Originally it was intended to
be used together with the rhino shell (from what I read in the mozilla
documentation). Our works tried to make it usable when it is embedded
into another application, a J2EE web application for instance.

The main problem here was to trigger it's use programatically instead
of executing it directly via command line or shell. In that sense we
"drive" the debugger from the servlet, as you statet. When my J2EE web
application runs some JavaScript in Debug-Mode, the Swing-Window of the
Debugger pops up on the server machine and enables me to step through
the script code there. As all of our designers that write serverside
JavaScript code work with their own local J2EE server this is no
problem and the debugger indeed is a great help to see what the script
does (wrong).

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