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Martha, Peter
Thorsten Will wrote:
  > Normaly FireFox uses here only around 20 MB too! But last hours i moved
> a bit around between two forums and 4 coding related sites!Atm i have
> only open 1 Firefox window
> and onyl one tab ( - now it eats again around 50 MB of
> memory!!! Seems there FireFox dont really free old alocated and unused
> memory!?
> I closed Firefox and restarted it once again with opening -
> this time its normaly and only its around 20 MB !

Running Thunderbird for reading and posting to this newsgroup: 54,128K
Browsing the mozdev site and open one more tab in Firefox: 66,588K

A browser and a mail client eating nearly 128MB memory is more than
acceptable, as far as I know. Which component needs so much memory?

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