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Matt Nordhoff
On 10/14/05 01:27, Ralph Fox wrote:

> On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:19:17 -0400, in message
>  <diltuj$[hidden email]>, Dave wrote:
>> Subject: FF Wish: Web beacon block/notify
>> Can this be done?
> Any image on a page could be used as a web beacon.
>  •  Not all web beacons are transparent gifs.
>  •  Not all transparent gifs are web beacons; transparent gifs
>     are also used for layout spacing.
> To be sure of blocking web beacons, block all images.  
>  •  Depending on your OS, go to either "Tools -> Options" or
>     "Edit -> Preferences", and look for the setting
>         [ ]  Load Images

What about frames? I bet they could be used. So you'd better turn them
off. And maybe JavaScript and Java. You shouldn't use the Flash plugin
either. Or cookies.

Maybe you shouldn't use the Web at all. What's so terrible about being
tracked and whatnot?

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