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Peter Weilbacher
As already posted in .layout about one problem with the canvas
implementation on OS/2:

Peter Weilbacher wrote:

> Most of the canvas examples that I could find display correctly now. The
> only thing that doesn't is the Firefox TabPreview extension (and the
> corresponding SeaMonkey patch). There, the canvas that is drawn of the
> page appears upside down. It seems that most (all?) parts of the code
> that relay height to y-axis value in the canvas code are checked with
> topToBottom and OS/2 gives that correctly. Any hints of where to look
> for an explanation?

Let me ask differently: Does any code of the canvas implementation rely
on system coordinates to start at the top left (while under OS/2 the
origin in the _bottom_ left)? I looked through the code again a bit, but
maybe I was too tired.
If nobody here can answer this where should I post instead? (There is no
canvas newsgroup.)
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