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Chris Ilias-2
_The Real Bev_ spoke thusly on 07/02/2006 12:26 AM:

> Leonidas Jones wrote:
>> The term public was supposed to indicate that the groups were
>> available to
>> developers via usenet.  At the time, no one expected to be flooded
>> with end
>> user questions, because, as the watchword of the day went "Mozilla is not
>> for end users!"
> Yeah, but since one of those groups seemed to be the only one dealing
> with what was of most interest to me (linux/mailnews), where else to go?

>> Remember those days, Mozilla was just a testing ground for others
>> (read Netscape) to build their products on.
> Hrm.  As an outsider, I thought that the Mozilla stuff was broken off
> from the
> Netscape/AOL/somehow for profit stuff.  NS would absorb Moz good stuff, but
> everything was somehow different.

You're thinking different days. When Lee says "Remember those days",
he's referring to a time before Mozilla broke off from AOL.
For more info, see
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