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Re: Automated login and download

воскресенье, 28 февраля 2010 г., 5:29:02 UTC+4 пользователь somebody1234 написал:

> Hi!
> I would like to do this to a specific page from an application in an
> automated way:
> -fill in 2 input field
> -simulate the clicking on the submit button
> -simulate clicking on a specific link
> -simulate the selection of an option element
> -simulate the clicking on submit button
> -automaticly capture the download which will be initiated if the above
> steps are right. and download a file
> I want to do this to automaticly log in to a page and download price
> lists on a weekly-daily basis.
> The friend who needs this wants to download a lot of price list from
> that page and wants to make the task automatic. A background process
> which can download all the files in background every 3-4 day.
> Unfortunately this site uses asp.net and ajax-javascript. I have
> little knowledge in these topics and it seems incredibly hard to
> extract any data from url-s.And anyway I cannot track whats going on
> between the server and the browser. And I cant simulate the requests
> in a simple way.
> But I thought I could use xulrunner and xpcom from java cause in the
> browser you can afterall execute all steps and you can download the
> file within a classic browser. So if you could control an embedded
> browser from code you could simulate the above steps.
> I could complete all the steps except the last. I found a tutorial
> code which I completed to simulate the navigation till the downloading
> process. It uses xulrunner swt and xpcom from java code. But I cannot
> imagine what to do from here. I need the last step to simulate the
> clik on the submit button and after that I suppose that the server
> computes some link tied to that session and mozilla captures that.
> I think I should use the nsIDownload-nsIDownloader etc interfaces. But
> I could not find any documentation or any relevant ifnormation for
> about 4 days of hard search of how should I do it.
> I could not find api-s javadoc tutorials.. nothing.
> Please help me if you can if possible in one of the following way:
> -If you know an easier way of doing this with another technic or
> something like that let me know
> -please give me information on what xulrunner and xpcom classes should
> I use with this problem especially with the downloading part, and how
> to initialize them and use them from java code.
> -please if you can give me links to detailed api,reference and
> documentation about xulrunner and xpcom.Something like a javadoc for a
> java library or component. For the javaxpcom part I never even found
> an api. And the xulrunner guide pdf on the mozilla developement site
> is broken.
> Where to find a detailed class reference and api?
> -If you have any idea on how to capture the url from the last step
> that would be good also cause I could use wget or other tools like
> that to download it. The hard part is how to know the exact download
> link after the user cliks on the submit button.
> Thanks in advance

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