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Matt Nordhoff
On 02/07/06 11:41, Toby wrote:

> Let me know if I'm posting this to the wrong place as I don't want to
> waste anyone's time.
> I am not a developer. I am a fairly tech-savvy communications officer
> who is very keen to contribute to Mozilla projects. I know my way around
> wikis and HTML, but probably my most useful offering is my
> communications skills - I am very experienced in producing end-user
> documentation, tutorials and copywriting. It's my day job.
> So, how should I go about getting involved? Is there a project to
> develop/improve existing end-user documentation, or the content of the
> Mozilla website? Or should I start lower down the ladder and help out
> with other stuff?
> I've created a user account at MDC, by the way.

Well, if you're good at end-user documentation, you could help out at
the MozillaZine Knowledge Base [1]. It's a wiki, so you can edit it.
There are some rules and stuff, though, as the third paragraph on that
page mentions.

And you could help answer questions here in the* groups
and MozillaZine Forums [2]. It's not exactly writing documentation, though.

[1] <>
[2] <>

(Crossposted to and Followup-To, um, mozilla.general, since the
Knowledge Base isn't an official Mozilla thing.)
Matt Nordhoff, aka Peng
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