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I have noticed some aggressive tactics used by Microsoft, and possibly Google to encourage end users to switch from use of Mozilla products such as Firefox Desktop browser.

I did suggest in an appropriate  Mozilla ( Marketing - SuMo ) support site that maybe Mozilla should at least try to counter this with their own blogs and official Knowledge Base articles. I can not link (publicly) to that suggestion at the moment due to issues with Mozilla's Forum software.

On Wednesday, 18 January 2017 09:31:05 UTC, Ansgar Koene  wrote:

> On this computer I use Windows 10 with Firefox set as default browser.
> The icon for Microsoft's Windows 10 integrated browser 'Edge' just gave me
> a pop-up saying 'Edge is safer than Firefox against malware attacks' [I
> paraphrase, I closed the pop-up and don't remember the exact wording]. I
> was not using Edge at the time.
> Is this kind of advertising feature something that all installed software
> on my computer can do in Windows 10 or is this a case of leverageing the OS
> dominance to boost their web-brower adoption? Remind anyone of the 1990s
> anti-trust case against Microsoft's browser bundling?
> Sincerely,
> Ansgar Koene
> --
> Ansgar Koene,
> Horizon Digital Economics Research
> University of Nottingham, UK

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