Race Night DVD Game For Fundraising and Fun Nights

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Race Night DVD Game For Fundraising and Fun Nights

Keith Bowen
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This is not meant to be spam but usefull information for your organisation if you wich not to receive furure

information please advise us with your email addresses that your want to be added to our do not send to checker 


The box set includes 9 HD quality UK flat and jump races and a bonus of 3 extra races which are a dog, pig and a trotting race on a single DVD.

Click Here To See A Sample Race

The box set includes DVD races, tote tickets for 10 races, tri cast sheet, poster, dual
forecast tickets, table markers, ticket sales and working out sheet plus marketing and information pack. Everything you will require for a great fundraising event. All our races are shown by number only and are done by leading TV commentators, it also includes leader boards and end winning captions.

You can have all this for just £20.00 plus Free  P&P for UK mainland rest of the world postage at cost.

Or you can upgrade to 50 tickers per runner per race to cover up to 130 guests with 9 races for only £40 including P&P.

Also extra DVDs available from £20.

To use the box set has a fundraiser no
special bookmaker knowledge required only simple arithmetic see over for a full
Can be used for
Xmas House Parties
Corporate Fun Nights
Venue Entertainment
To order please contact us on 01942 790872
Runner Number Tickets Sold
No 1 30
No 2 48
No 3 Winning Horse 40 amount of tickets sold
No 4 26
No 5 28
No 6 20
No 7 18
No 8 40
Total Sold 240
The cost of each tickets is 50p, therefore the overall takings on this race is 50p x total tickets sold. If you are keeping some of the profits then work on 2/3 as prizes 1/3 goes to the fundraiser. The money left over after the profit has been deducted is shared amongst the winning number of tickets sold on the winning horse.
50p x 240= £120.00
(Cost of the tickets x total tickets sold)
£120.00 ÷ 3 = £40.00
(Total tickets sold ÷ 1/3)
£120.00 - £40.00 = £80.00
(tickets sold minus the profits)
£80.00 ÷ 40 = £2.00
(Winning Kitty after fundraising deduction ÷ total amount of tickets sold on the winning runner)
£2.00 is the amount paid out to each winner
A typical race night will raise at least £1000

Who We Supply
Corporate Companies, Military Sites, Entertainment Agencies, Corporate Event
Organisers, Lions, Rotary, Round table, National Charities, Xmas House Parties,
Holiday Centres, Hotels, Exhibition Stand Promotions, Staff Parties, Conference
Entertainment, Cruise Ships, Race Night Operators, Karaoke Disco, Bars & Venues World Wide, Schools, Gaming Machines and Agents Throughout the World.


Tel: 01942 790872 Web: www.racenightdvds.com Email: [hidden email]
Address: 4 Springfield Rd Atherton Manchester M46 9RZ

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