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Hi Team,


Our intention is to use Bonsai feature in our project.


To my understanding I think Bonsai JAR file along with an API should help us. But we don’t have any such JAR or API for use.


We have facility to download the Mozilla source but not Bonsai source.


Even if we get the source will it help us in using directly the features of Bonsai?


We are facing problem in checking out the source from the Root given at site


      :pserver:[hidden email]:/cvsroot

      The password for user anonymous is anonymous.


as well as the root suggested


      cvs -d :pserver:anonymous:[hidden email]:/cvsroot co       mozilla/webtools/bonsai mozilla/webtools/registry.


Please shed some light, as we are trying to resolve this for long time.


Thanks in advance.





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Katari, Venkata (GE Energy, Non GE) wrote:


>Hi All,


>This is Venkata Katari working for GE Projects. I am sorry for mailing you directly as I couldn't find a suitable forum for Bonsai.


The webtools forum is the place for Bonsai questions:


> We are facing a problem while checking out Bonsai code from the below given CVS information. Just wanted to know whether it is active and ordinary users can check out the code.


Yes, it's active, and ordinary users can check out the code.  The

following command worked for me:


cvs -d :pserver:anonymous:[hidden email]:/cvsroot co

mozilla/webtools/bonsai mozilla/webtools/registry





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