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QA for Firefox 1.5

Axel Hecht
To all owners, please kick off heavy QA on the current fx 1.5 candidates
and sign off / report on that QA on

I teared that page down and we'll build it from scratch. We will start
with a loose structure, I hope that we will find out which information
we can provide and need smoothly (though I gave some hints in the
paragraph that I added). Whereever you have a bug, please link to it,
with [https://bugzilla.m....314159 bug 314159], this looks closest to
what we all know and is short.

Tim Riley is going to be the co-pilot on that page, leading the QA
sources inside Mozilla Corporation.

I hope that we can catch up some of the time we lost in trademarks
reviews, and that the daily learning of pitfalls in search engines
finally comes to an end. I kind of like the idea to have a day without
hacking perl review scripts.


PS: For Thunderbird, citing mscott from [1], "So we are probably looking
at December before we can release our RC2."

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