Public IRC channel for WAI-ARIA discussions

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Public IRC channel for WAI-ARIA discussions

Aaron Leventhal-3
[Begin forwarded message from David Bolter]

Hi All,

One of the things missing for ARIA developers so far has been a public
channel to chat about ARIA as a community. We have now set up a space
where people can informally meet at any time and look for others to
discuss ARIA efforts with.

Please join us on the #wai-aria channel ( for public
discussions about WAI-ARIA (and use #pf for discussion about internal


[End forwarded message]

There is also the wai-xtech mailing list for public ARIA discussions.
People who want to participate in wai-xtech should email the PFWG Chair
([hidden email]) to request a subscription.
dev-accessibility mailing list
[hidden email]