[Project Meeting] In like a lion! 6 March 2017

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[Project Meeting] In like a lion! 6 March 2017

Matthew Claypotch-2

We're getting together this coming Monday to share updates about what's
going on at Mozilla. If you have an announcement or something to share, add
it to our agenda wiki:


We're bringing back Fireside chats in 2017! Our first one will be David
Bryant and Martin Best from the platform team. They will be discussing
"WebAssembly, A Game-changer For The Web":

"The implications of WebAssembly are huge. WebAssembly is a low level
compile target that allows native-like performance in the browser. This new
standard, a cross-browser evolution of asm.js, will enable amazing video
games and high-performance web apps for things like computer-aided design,
video and image editing, and scientific visualization. Over time, many
existing productivity apps (e.g. email, social networks, word processing)
and JavaScript frameworks will likely use WebAssembly to significantly
reduce load times while simultaneously improving performance. Unlike other
approaches that have required plug-ins to achieve this level of performance
in the browser, WebAssembly runs entirely within the Web Platform. This
means that developers can integrate WebAssembly for CPU-intensive
calculations (e.g. compression, face detection, physics) into existing web
apps that use JavaScript for less intensive work."
You can submit questions for David and Martin in advance on Moderator:


Have a great weekend!

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