Problem with Perl Modules

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Problem with Perl Modules

I am upgrading from Bugzilla 3.4.6 to 3.6.

I downloaded 3.6 and extracted the contents

When I run ./ --check-modules from the bugzilla-3.6 directory and it tells me I need the following perl modules:


the funny thing is, when I run ./ from the bugzilla-3.4.6 directory it doesn't complain about these modules and bugzilla runs fine.

Where is ./ looking for the modules and how can one installation find them and the other can't?

I have tried installing the missing modules and I think they are there, but I am not sure why bugzilla-3.6 can't find them.  It also seems I can't continue with the upgrade, until ./checksetup --check-modules passes.

Any ideas?