Pointer to a full example XPI (install) for plugins

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Pointer to a full example XPI (install) for plugins

John Schultz

I'm looking for an example XPI (complete, current) for use with plugins such
that XPInstall::refreshPlugins() works correctly and that the installed
plugin shows up in the installed plugins list, can be uninstalled, etc., as
with extensions (I'm converting from an extension (xpi is signed; install,
uninstall worked OK) to a plugin (original product was an ActiveX control).

Installing through an install trigger and with an XPI is preferred vs.
suggestions to search the registry, and manually to each browser, etc. (
http://www.mozilla.org/projects/plugins/install-scheme.html ). If the user
happens to have more than one Mozilla-based browser installed, it's OK to
only install the plugin on a single browser. If they happen to use another
browser, it can be autoinstalled through the same install tigger + XPI.



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