Please update: Sign-in revisions for Thunderbird 3.0

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Please update: Sign-in revisions for Thunderbird 3.0

Simon Paquet-2
Hi guys,

I've looked through the recent sign-off requests for Thunderbird 3.0.x
today and noticed that many locales have made changes to their TB3
strings within the last few months, but haven't updated their sign-in
revision via the new l10n dashboard.

From what I can see the following locales are affected:

ca, cs, en-GB, es-AR, eu, fi, fr, nb-NO, nn-NO, pt-PT, sk, sq, sv-SE,
tr, uk and vi

Not updating your sign-in changesets basically means, that we will not
take them for upcoming TB3 maintenance releases, if they get approved.

As Axel and myself have said two and half months ago[*], the time of
the massive opt-in threads here in is gone for good
(and good riddance!), so please follow the new way of signing in for a

If you have any questions, want to know more about the sign-in
functionality or don't know how to sign-in, then please either
comment here directly in the thread or get in touch with me via mail.



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