Phillip Chee, I need help repairing Tagzilla damage

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Phillip Chee, I need help repairing Tagzilla damage


I hope you don't mind me asking but I just tried to install Tagzilla
in TB I followed the instructions for loading the latest
JSLib, restarted TB and then tried to install Tagzilla. I selected the
Tagxzilla.xpi and when I clicked "Install" it just hung. I waited 2
minutes and still nothing so I shut TB down.

I restarted TB and Tagzilla was not in th add ons list so I removed
JSLib and shut TB down.

I rebooted.

Now I can't send emails as the send button just visually clicks, bit
does nothing.

I have tried creating a new profile and copy mail and address books
but still the send button doe s not work.

I have poste don the TB support group but still nothing.

Can you PLEASE help me?

I just need the Send button to work again, I don't care about
installing Tagzilla at this point.
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