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Hi Folks....

I am trying to install Bugzilla on a Windows XP professional 32 bit
machine. I followed the instructions given in the following site: 

I am in step '1.4.3 - Grant write access for Apache account.' A certain
folder 'C:\Bugzilla\data' is being mentioned and also the write up says
the folder is created when the '' is run for the first
time. When I try to run the file '' I get a very quick
list in a command promt window that lists some packages that can't be
found. The data folder is not created.

I have mananged to locate these packages with the PPM and have
installed them. However I am still being told that I have pending
packages to be installed and when I checked and found one of them to be already
installed. The other missing packages are:


I am not able to locate the above three via the PPM, any idea where I
can get them? Hope someone can advise me. Thanks.