Passing Arrays to JS-XPCOM from C++

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Passing Arrays to JS-XPCOM from C++


I have to pass an array of strings (or JS::Value array) to JS-XPCOM from my C++ code. I could not find the proper example in C++ to implements this.

Based on the "jsFunction" I am passing in JS-XPCOM, i will extract the correct number of values in the JS and call the expected function.

How to pass the array of JS::Value to JS::HandleValue in the C++ fn ? Your help is highly appreciated

1 - My IDL as below

#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIDOMWindow.idl"
[scriptable, uuid(e583b11e-2043-11e4-9070-fd8b1d5d46b0)]
interface nsISbCollectURL: nsISupports
 jsval callJSXPCOMFunction(in nsIDOMWindow domWindow, in wstring jsFunction, in unsigned short argc, in jsval argv);

2 My "C++" Header file has the following signature (after compiled by /gecko-sdk/xulrunner-sdk/sdk/bin/ )

  NS_IMETHOD CallJSXPCOMFunction(nsIDOMWindow *domWindow, const char16_t * jsFunction, uint16_t argc, JS::HandleValue argv, JS::MutableHandleValue _retval) = 0;

--> How to convert the populate JS::Value arrays to "JS::HandleValue param" in the method signature? I got stuck here. <---

3 - MY JS-XPCOM as below


function MyComponent() { }

MyComponent.prototype = {
        classDescription: "test JS XPCOM Component",
        classID:          Components.ID("{8f1a877e-2045-11e4-b92a-1b8d1d5d46b0}"),
        contractID:       ";1",
        QueryInterface: XPCOMUtils.generateQI([Components.interfaces.nsISbCollectURL,Components.interfaces.nsISupports]),

  callJSXPCOMFunction: function(win, jsFunction, argc,  argv)
                win.wrappedJSObject.alert("Coming to callJSXPCOMFunction");
                if(jsFunction == "readMe")
                        win.wrappedJSObject.alert("Coming to readMe");
                        var name ;
                        var age;
                        var hobby;
                        if(argc >= 1)
                                var name = argv[0];
                        if(argc >= 2)
                                var age = argv[1];
                        if(argc >= 3)
                                var hobby = argv[2];
                        var as  = "shan : name : " +name +  " age " + age  + "  hobby : " + hobby);
                        var myData = win.wrappedJSObject.shan_readme(name,  age, hobby);
                        return myData;
                }else if(jsFunction == "writeMe"){
                        win.wrappedJSObject.alert("Coming to writeMe");
                        if(argc >= 1)
                                var xmlStuff =  argv[0];
                        return win.wrappedJSObject.shan_rwriteme(xmldata);

var components = [MyComponent];

if ("generateNSGetFactory" in XPCOMUtils)
 var NSGetFactory = XPCOMUtils.generateNSGetFactory(components);  
 var NSGetModule = XPCOMUtils.generateNSGetModule(components);    

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