Packaging Problems with Deer Park localization

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Packaging Problems with Deer Park localization

Erdal Ronahi

I am trying to localize Firefox Deer Park into Kurdish. I succeeded in
translating the .dtd files in the original en-US.jar. I found out that I
have to save them as UTF-8-files back into the jar-archive. But now I am

I didn't succeed in building a working XPI-langpack. There are always
problems with the chrome installation, though Deer Park doesn't tell me
which errors.

The instructions at Mozilla-l10n/mlp_packaging.html seem to refer to
Mozilla rather than to Firefox, the paths are different. I found it
better to use the "install.js" installscripts from Firefox 1.0.7
langpacks in other languages rather than the proposed .

Are there instructions anywhere about how to build a working XPI for
Deer Park / Firefox 1.5?


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