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Open Source Awards 2007

Steve Lee-3
Nominations are open for the Google and O'Reilly Open Source Awards to
be presented at OSCON 2007 and I have nominated Aaron Leventhal for
his tireless work and huge contribution to Mozilla Accessibility and
accessibility in general.

If you would like to do the same you only need send an email to
osawards AT oreilly DOT com.  See for

We didn't warn Aaron because his modesty could get in our way ;-)

I've attached by nomination as a reference, but I neglected to mention
Aaron's title.


Aaron Leventhal, Mozilla accessibility project

Aaron has for several years championed Mozilla accessibility and led
it to the position it is now in, namely at the centre of an Open
Source accessibility ecosystem gathered around Mozilla and Firefox and
that is making the web more accessible. For many years he was a lone

* Working with AT vendors such as Freedom Scientific and GW Micro to
ensure they provide 1st class accessibility with Firefox
* Working with Open Source companies such as IBM and SUN
* Working with OSS developers such the Orca team to Firefox support is
* Working on standards such as WAI ARIA and IAccessibile2 to improve
* Developing Firefox accessibility to include emerging standards such
as WAI ARIA for Ajax accessibility
* Supporting accessibility projects through Mozilla accessibility
grants (I have one)
* Creating a vibrant community
* Inspiring commitment to a11y that goes to the very top of Mozilla Foundation.

For more info see:


Steve Lee
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