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Onboarding video ideas

Eitan Isaacson
Hey folks,

Here is an idea for a 2 part video series for the onboarding process. Why
video? Because we can't always be at the onboarding process in person.
Having a prerecorded video ensures consistency in a11y onboarding quality.

I propose 2 videos, the first would be a more general introduction to
accessibility. The second would focus on web and assistive technologies.
The second video we would tape together in London. Here are the two

*Video 1: Principals of accessible/universal design*

   - Goal: Viewers will get an understanding of high level principals that
   make a product/event/environment/culture accessible.
   - Audience: This will be broad enough that people at a wide range of
   roles will get something out of it: designers, developers, administrators,
   event organizers, program managers, community managers, tech evangelists,
   - Accessibility principals: A variation on the list provided in the WCAG
   "at a glance" page (perceivable/operable/understandable/robust), or the
   attached page taken from* Universal Principals of Design*
   - Concept: The Seattle light rail is a modern "post-ADA" project. It
   offers understated accessibility features that answer many of the
   principals we want to cover. The video will highlight those features:
      - *perceptibility:* redundant audio and visual station announcement.
      Grooved paths to key locations in station.
      - *operability:* card reader is 3 feet from the ground, and is
      operable from a diverse range of heights + chairs.
      - *simplicity:* Station signs feature memorable graphic icons (kite,
      heron, mountain, etc.) Useful for non-English speakers, children,
      non-readers, etc.
      - *forgiveness:* yellow gritty dots that help you not slip and get
      light railed.
   - It will be funny upbeat and engaging.

*Video 2: Accessibility in our products and on the web*

   - Goal: Viewers will understand how accessibility principals are applied
   in our products and on the web
   - Audience: This video is more product focused: designers, QA, platform
   devs, web devs, standards folks, IT (they are not "product", but they
   acquire tools and products that need to be accessible)
   - Concept: The video will:
      - Explain how the principals from video 1 are applied on the web:
         - *perceptibility:* alt image text, no color dependencies, no
         sound dependencies, etc.
         - *operability:* keyboard support, multi-modal input
         - *simplicity:* clean, uncluttered design
         - *forgiveness:* more than 1 step for destructive operations (eg.
         confirm dialog for delete)
      - Demonstrate how a screen reader is used.
      - Overview how ATs interact with the web
         - DOM tree vs. a11y tree
         - AT IPC design
         - etc.
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