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Jürgen Keser
Hi All,

I am an absolutely newbie at the Mozilla Developer Network and I have
a few questions. I don't know if  it's possible to realize the project I will
do here with all the great stuff you provide. But let me explain what I will do:

We have an application(cross platform Macintosh + Windows) that is running. Out of
this application we will show now an present Homepage of a partner of us. This should
happen in an separate window but I think this must be possible with the stuff from here?

If this Homepage is opened in the separate window the user could choose out of a few download links
that are on this page.
If he now click on one of the download links, normally the download window of the web browser will
come up to show where the file will be saved.
But what we want is to download the file at a separate place we could define without the dialog where
it should be saved and close the separate window that shows the Homepage.

Now when the browser window is closed we need a message or anything else in the main application that
a file was downloaded. Now we could load the downloaded file in the main application that is running.

I know this is just a very short description of the things we will do. But maybe someone of you did something
similar and could give me some hints, how this project could be realized? Maybe it's not possible to
realize with the Mozilla Developer Network? Maybe I need to search for another Developer Network?

Thanks for any help!!!


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