New release of Transvision: check your keyboard shortcuts

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New release of Transvision: check your keyboard shortcuts

Francesco Lodolo [:flod]
We've just released an updated version of Transvision. Besides fixing a
few bugs discovered after releasing 6.0, we added a brand new QA view:
Keyboard Shorcuts.

The idea is relatively simple: check for string IDs ending in '.key' and
'.commandkey', and see if they're translated differently than English.

While most of the strings displayed in this view are errors to fix,
there are a few exceptions:
* In some situations you have to translate these strings differently,
because of the keyboard layouts. The number of cases where this happens
is extremely rare though.
* There are going to be false positives. We're already excluding a few
IDs and a couple of entire files, feel free to report new ones if you
spot them in your locale.

Please report any issue or add feature request at

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