New release of Pontoon Tools/Add-on

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New release of Pontoon Tools/Add-on

Michal Stanke-2

Today I have released a new version of Pontoon Add-on (formerly Pontoon
Tools), the extension integrating Pontoon into your browser. What’s new?

- First, the name.
- Inspired by Translate.Next, I have been experimenting with React and was
also gradually preparing the extension to use it. It does now!
- The first thing you see after updating (or installing) is a new
introduction page.
- The reliability on Chrome increased, but I still recommend using Firefox.

What’s next?

- Not all useful technologies from Translate.Next are in place yet. I want
to focus on that for a while.
- I would like to ensure 100% compatibility on all Chromium based browsers.
If you spot any issue, please, report it. Please use this link also if you
have any ideas for improvements or new features.

Download and install:
- Firefox:
- Chrome and Chromium based browsers:
(it may take a while before the new version appears there)

P. S. You can find a more colourful announcement here :)
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