New project enabled in Pontoon: android-l10n

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New project enabled in Pontoon: android-l10n

Delphine L
Hello localizers,

We just exposed a new project in Pontoon, called “Android-l10n”[1], in
which live several files called “Android Components”. Android Components
(also internally called a-c) are a collection of Android libraries to build
browsers or browser-like applications.

The strings in Android Components serve (and will serve) various mobile
products, such as Fenix and Firefox Reality - to name only a few. In fact,
Fenix strings are right around the corner and will be exposed very soon in
that same project, so stay tuned.

There is no specific timeline for these strings to be translated. In fact,
we’re moving Android mobile products to a continuous localization system,
which means that strings that land are (almost) immediately exposed to
localization and your localizations are immediately sent to the Android
repos. This is the same workflow by which you’ve been working on Firefox
desktop. Side-note: there will be a lot of matching existing strings from
Firefox, keep an eye on the machinery tab.

For this first round, we’ve only enabled a small subset of locales in order
to test this new system. We’ll be progressively rolling this out to more
locales as we become confident things are working well - and as we move
towards implementing in-app locale switchers for all our Android mobile

This is just the first step in a series of changes that are coming on the
mobile Android front. Please keep an eye out as I’ll be sending out more
information shortly.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


delphine, on behalf of the l10n-drivers

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