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New: QA Test Plan Sign-off Requirement

Lawrence Mandel-2
(cross posting to a few lists for visibility)

tl;dr Starting with the Firefox 57 release, test plans will require
sign-off from Engineering, Product and QA before testing begins.

Engineering, Product, and QA each have unique insights into risks
associated with feature development. We have the best chance of success
when we have a diverse set of feedback on our plans. For QA, we need that
feedback early while there is time to adjust our test plans. The intention
is to avoid last-minute surprises and misunderstandings about test scope
that has at times been problematic when reporting test results.

In order to ensure QA receives the feedback they need, we are adding a
sign-off requirement. What we’re really asking is that you take an active
role in the quality assurance of your work by taking time to read the test
plan and provide feedback.

Three points related to sign-offs:

1. Granting a sign-off means:


   High level testing objectives and testing scope are understood

   Contents of ‘Risk Assessment and Coverage’ and ‘Test Areas’ meet your

2. Sign-off is expected 1 week after it is requested. (Should typically be
near the beginning of the Nightly cycle.)

3. Sign-offs will be captured in each QA test plan as shown in the QA Test
Plan Template <>.

Thanks for your commitment to the quality of Firefox.

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