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New Firefox Visual Aid Add-on

Ken Saunders-2
Hi all,
I've just completed some pages on that features a
new Firefox Add-on from Frank Lion the developer of many popular
Firefox add-ons.

The add-on is Metal Lion HiViz 300, a 2 piece theme and extension
bundle for Firefox 2.
The theme is Metal Lion 300 which is a low contrast theme, and the
extension is the HiViz Style sidebar that allows a user to change the
text size of a theme's interface and enlarge the text up to 32px if
they so desire.

I'm very excited about this extension as a finished product and for
the potential that it has to be further developed and possibly
integrated with other accessibility extensions to enhance them even

Visit the following address for more information on Metal Lion HiViz
300, and please feel free to toss your opinions into this thread.

Thanks for your time.

Ken Saunders


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