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Need support with mozctl

Tom Leonard-2
We are looking for a contract developer (paid) to work with our small team to improve the browser functionality in our cross-platform media player.

Currently we are experimenting with mozctl (1.8.3) in the Windows port, but have some issues:

1.  We get crashes for no apparent reason, but aren't really comfortable building a debug version of XUL without some assistance.
2.  We would like to implement support for Firefox-style add-ons.  If our application was XULrunner-based, we know we could do this, but aren't sure if it can be done from the mozctl.dll /mozctlx.dll level.

We want to use the Mozilla XUL technology in our Mac and Linux ports, as well, but feel we need to stabilize the Windows version first.

While the immediate need is for Mozilla experience, we are really looking for someone to join our group.  Hours can be tailored to fit your schedule and other commitments.


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