NSPR allocations not freed upon exit

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NSPR allocations not freed upon exit

Hal Duston
I have three proposed patches to remove each of three initialization
allocations that are not freed upon exit.

The first patch frees pr_exe_loadmap in linking/prlink.c.  In bug
#96122, Wan-Teh Chang expressed concerns about it being referenced
elsewhere.  The patch resolves this by setting it to NULL after freeing
it.  This works as the reference checks for NULL before dereferencing

The second patch frees the Table_List entries in misc/prerrortable.c.

The third patch frees _pr_tpd_destructors in threads/prtpd.c.

These patches are for 4.11, but they should easily apply against 4.12.

Hal Duston
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nspr-loadmap-memleak.patch (441 bytes) Download Attachment
nspr-errortable-memleak.patch (4K) Download Attachment
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