NPN_GetURL - unresolved external symbol???

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NPN_GetURL - unresolved external symbol???

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use one of the NPN functions (NPN_GetURL,  NPN_GetValue) and

I?m including "npapi.h" and linking with all of the libs in the SDK but
still getting the error

?unresolved external symbol _NPN_GetURL referenced in function??

Any ideas?

Thanks, Ziv

P.S. ? the libs I?m using are:

 xpcomglue.lib embed_base_s.lib xpcom.lib  xpcomglue_s.lib  nspr4.lib
nspr4_s.lib plc4.lib plc4_s.lib plds4.lib plds4_s.lib embedstring.lib
embedstring_s.lib embed_base_s.lib

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